Conference Publications

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Journal Publications

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Workshop Publications

  1. Andow, B., Nadkarni, A., Bassett, B., Enck, W., & Xie, T. (2016). A Study of Grayware on Google Play. In Proceedings of the IEEE Mobile Security Technologies workshop (MoST). San Jose, CA, USA.

Book Chapters

  1. Nadkarni, A., Verma, A., Tendulkar, V., & Enck, W. (2017). Reliable Ad Hoc Smartphone Application Creation for End Users. In Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems. CRC Press. Retrieved from Editor: George Kambourakis and Asaf Shabtai and Konstantinos Kolias and Dimitrios Damopoulos

Tech Reports

  1. Nadkarni, A., Enck, W., Jha, S., & Staddon, J. (2017). Policy by Example: An Approach for Security Policy Specification (arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.03967).
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