I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at William & Mary. My primary research interests are lie the area of operating systems security. Common themes in my research include IoT security, Android security, privacy, and access control. I am also investigating problems in security policy specification, using Machine Learning/ AI.

My research seeks to (1) evaluate the security of emerging operating platforms, such as IoT and smart homes (e.g., Samsung SmartThings, Works with Nest), mobile platforms (e.g., Android, iOS), and (2) create practical and secure defenses for protecting the user and the system through novel policy and enforcement primitives that take advantage of the architectures and unique abstractions of the operating system.

I am on the PC for the following; please consider submitting/attending:

ACM CCS 2018USENIX Security 2018ACM WiSecDSC 2018

Multiple funded positions available: Please send me an email if you are a highly motivated student interested in security research, or if you want to know more about my research or the general domain of security and privacy.